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Quiz sweden facts

  1. Svenska institutet stipendier
  2. Aktiedepå nordea
  3. Omsorg betyder engelska
  4. Disruptive technology
  5. Bronze color
  6. Björns taxi åre
  7. Arbetsratt lagar
  8. Friskt vågat hälften vunnet betyder
  9. Goteborgs universitet juristprogrammet
  10. Den vidunderliga världshistorien

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The first letters of the answers to the first nine questions spell the answer to #10. 3 . Let me take you on a tour of Sweden; our solar system will be the guide.

Quiz sweden facts

Islamic date today in sweden - Gemensamt lån vid separation

Vänern. With a surface area of 5,655 km2, Vänern is also the largest lake in the European Union and the third-largest lake entirely in Europe after Ladoga and Onega in Russia. Ninjai.

14 facts. Quiz. Flip. Match. jag heter __. my name is ___. Vad heter du?
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A. Danish. B. Norwegian. C. German. D. Swedish “Nyckelharpa” is a traditional Swedish musical instrument.

svt.se This is just a light hearted quiz to see how many facts you know about Switzerland – why not give it a try and see how you fare? Question 1: How may Cantons are there in Switzerland?
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The UK is a rather puny 93,410 square miles in comparison. Which is the world's largest island?

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2020-08-07 Play this game to review undefined.